22 November 2006

Let there be light!

One of the very first things we did when we bought our house was paint. All the rooms (minus the bathroom, which can only be helped with a stick of dynamite, and our bedroom, whose ceiling will be replaced) got a new coat of paint on the walls and ceiling.

When we did the walls, we didn't worry about the top edges because eventually, they will all be covered with crown moulding. When we did the ceilings, we took down the light fixtures and let them dangle, so that we could evenly coat the entire surface.

That was two years ago.

And, this is what Avery's room (top) and the spare room looked like as of last week:

After painting, we never reattached the lighting fixtures because we knew that we wanted to replace them. A few months ago, we bought new lights (Avery picked his out) and finally last week, Jason braved the very old fabric electrical wires:

Yikes, I know. He's an excellent boyfriend. And, we only got into one fight during the project. Progress people, that's all we want :) So, here are the "after" photos:

Now, about that crown moulding in Avery's room... ;)