03 April 2006

Pound puppy

Part two, new back fence
We had to keep the super pooch in the yard, so the new fence had to be installed ASAP. Jase picked up a couple pieces of fencing from Home Depot. After consulting with Bob (he knows *everything*), he installed the new fence pieces and a gate. It looks lovely - and Cinder is contained :o)

Also, in the photograph you can see where we started laying out the vegetable garden - yummm! The little barrier wall is built out of reclaimed materials; bricks from our chimney and wood from my parents old garden.

Disclaimer: Any fencing and decking we do from here on out will be with more environmentally-sound materials. We've used that grey recycled plastic composite lumber from Home Depot before, but Laura recently turned us onto Trex, which I think is our preferred material moving forward.

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