09 May 2006

Through these windows, we can see your soul

More window installation!

The completion of the yard
inspired Jason to takle a couple windows. He's an animal. See, look:

That's the bathroom window. (Don't you love the tan and white
color scheme. Ugh.) And, here is the spare bedroom window:

The trim has to be painted and re-installed, and we need to find a way to make the bathroom window
not-so-see-through. It'll be nice to do some final touches and get these big projects out of the way.

Speaking of big projects...

Capping these windows is definately a priority. The outer frames are epecially bad on the wall of the bathroom (pictured) and the spare room. I think that this is one project that we will sub-out. Unless we find someone with an aluminum break, of course :o)

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