28 July 2006

Details, details, details

Right begfore we left for holiday, Jase finished up the crown moulding in the living room. The actual moulding has been up, but the caulking and touch-up paint had to be done:

He's pretty good, yes? Oh, and don't mind the slash of paint on the ceiling, which is visible in the photo, as it's not visible in real life.

While he was finishing this project, I was updating one of our other blogs, and we were listening to This American Life. A perfect no-work afternoon :)


Laura said...

I LOVE the color! :)

Brooke*elizabeth said...

Still haven't gotten the hang of crown. Now that I'm moving out of this house, I can leave my failed attempts to the next guy. Jason, will you help me cut at the new place?! please... :(
Looks good.

JAM*tacular said...

This is the room that we walk into from the front door. It's a great color to come home to - green represents the heart chakra :)

I'm sure Jase will help you, Brookie - it'll probably cost you some beer, food and a sports game on the big screen, though :)

Green Kitchen said...

I love the color. It reminds me of the kitchen that inspired Green Kitchen, but ours was more appley. Thanks for stopping by. --M

funwithyourfood said...

I really like that shade of green. It's gorgeous.


hmm makes me want an avocado too ;)