24 August 2006

I do stuff, too. I swear!

Lest you think I lounge about, lazily flipping through magazines, surfing the interwebs and scratching my kitties under their fuzzy little chins whilst dearest boyfriend slaves away painting trim and installing windows, I show to you this:



(Yes, that is an old school Bop It to the left.)

There used to be a rubber tree in that pot, but it had slowly begun its decent to the compost pile about three months ago when new growth ceased and leaves began to drop one by one. Once there were only about three and a half leaves left, we emptied the pot and decided to wait until we could get to Ott's for a replacement plant. Who doesn't love an excuse to go there?!

So, we went to Ott's and totally did not buy a house plant. Perhaps we were too stunned by the awesomeness of the place. Or perhaps I just forgot. Either way, we returned from Ott's with no houseplant, but instead some adorable little decorative pepper plants, flowering cabbage and on-sale perennials for the front bed and stairs. (See, I'm on charge of those, too.)

And, thank goodness we didn't get a house plant there, because our neighbor had a I'm-selling-everything-I-own yard sale (he's moving to Arizona in two weeks) and we scored this money tree for TEN DOLLARS. Hells, yeah.

Tonight when you say your prayers, please include this plant's survival on your list. We live in a row home and this baby is right in the middle of the house, where it can see a few windows from the corners of its eyes, but maybe can't get a whole lot of light. Don't worry, if it starts to look sad, I'll find a sunnier place for it. But dang... it just looks so perfect where it is. Don't you think?


lala said...

it looks great!

JAM*tacular said...


funwithyourfood said...

I'll keep your plant in my thoughts/prayers ;)


Jenn said...

wow- now that looks back breaking! ;)

Urban Vegan said...

Looks great. I used to live in a row home so I know what you mean about light.

Jenn said...

happy almost your birthday -- ;P

mommalutz said...

Did this take you all of 5 minutes...lol! More importantly, did you break a sweat?